Welcome to Holistic Bible College

Holistic Bible College(HBC) offers Spirit-inspired teaching with biblical truth that will lay a strong foundation for your relationship with God to be built upon. Our core instructors have decades of experience as pastors and missionaries over growing and thriving churches, and the only textbook they teach from is the Bible—the Word of God. Explore these pages to learn more about HBC, our program, statement of faith, tuition, and how to apply.

Our Core Values

Holistic Bible College activities are guided and based on the following Core values.

Accademic Exellency with Quality

We work in the maximum quality of Biblical Truth to serve students and community.

Authority of Bible

We are a community of learners who affirm the total authority of God’s revealed word as the guide for our life and the foundation for College.

Cultural Context

We give our students tools to sow the gospel in a multicultural world. We challenge one another to have hearts that engage the broader world God so loves.

Team Work

We work in team to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. And also We value each individual part in team.

Our Mision

Equipping ministers, with Bible-based leadership and biblical principles to serve the Church and the nation with the heart of Christ for advancing on kingdom of God.

Our Vision

To be one of the outstanding Teaching, Training and Research College in bible and leadership that helps the Church of Christ to accomplish Great Commission throughout the world.

Our Programs

We Offer Certificate, Deploma and Degree Programs in Amharic and English Languages in different Faculties.

Free Scholarship
Certificate Graduates

About Holistic Bible College

Holistic Bible College is An Interdenominational Institution Which Accepts Students From Different, Primarily Evangelical Churches. We Offer Biblical Education That Is Centered in the Word of God. You will engage in a comprehensive and in-depth study of the Scripture. We have several programs that will prepare you for the different kinds of ministries that God has called you to.