Online Learning
Objective of Holistic Bible College

The Holistic Bible College have the following objectives:

  • To create in students a sound biblical understanding and a Godly lifestyle for the advancement of God’s kingdom and for the progress of the country in ensuring a better future.
  • To equip Christians by offering trainings in the different modalities(Online, face to face, distance etc).
  • To empower the Church to accomplish the Great Commission.
  • To render consultancy and assistance to churches, organizations, and the public at large in the areas of Theology, Ministry Study, Christian Leadership, Christian Counseling, and other related fields.

Equipping ministers, with Bible-based principles to serve the Church and the nation with the heart of Christ for advancing on kingdom of God.


To be one of the outstanding Teaching, Training and Research College in bible and leadership that helps the Church of Christ to accomplish Great Commission throughout the world.

Core Values

Holistic activities are guided and based on the following Core values፦

  • Authority of the Bible፦ We are a community of learners who affirm the total authority of God’s revealed word as the guide for our life and the foundation for our equipping ministry.
  • Training Excellency With Quality፦ We firmly value the critical thinking of different kinds of views and rigorous study of the Bible.
  • Holistic Support፦ We are committed to participate in holistic development of citizens as we are living in developing country and working with different organizations to fulfill holistic ministry.
  • Team Work፦ We work in team to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. Also we value each individual part in team.
  • Supporting Church፦ We want to add value to the church and community through serving.
  • Prayer፦ Communicate God through prayer.

Holistic Bible College is registered by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia ministry of Peace and an accredited institution by the Ethiopian Council of Gospel believers Churches, which was established by the Federal Republic of Ethiopia House of Representatives with a Proclamation number 1208/2012. The college was also accredited to teach diploma,Degree, and Masters by accreditation number SD03-01/2012. It is also a member of the Academic Commission by Ref. N\o.1208/12012. The Holistic Bible College also accredited by Federation of Bible institutions and has strategic partnership including American Christian University, Missionary University, Disciple Bible University,