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Message of President

Pastor Gedamu Gebresilassie (Dr)

Welcome to Holistic Bible College, one of Ethiopia's top accredited online Bible colleges, available anytime, anywhere. If you feel called to ministry, we are here to support and guide you on your journey...

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  • For Degree- Secondary school certificate or diploma in any field from acrredited school.
  • For Masters- Degree document.
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Holistic Bible College


Holistic Bible College is accredited by the Federation of Bible Education Institutions and Ethiopian Theological Institutions. It is registered by the Federal Minister of Peace and the Council of Gospel Believers Churches, and is an associate member of the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia.....

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Holistic Bible College


Holistic Bible College Established in 2019, it is the first online Bible college in Ethiopia with a Pentecostal foundation. If you want to know the detailed information about the college, click on the explore more.

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Holistic Bible College



  • Free courses.
  • Available in online & distance learning.
  • Have five courses.
  • Available in Amharic language.
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  • Duration= 2 Years.
  • Available in Theology, Christian Leadership, Ministry Study and Christian Counseling.
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Bachelor Degree

  • Duration= 3 Years.
  • Include Research.
  • Available in Theology, Christian Leadership, Ministry Study and Christian Counseling.
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  • Duration= 2 Years.
  • Include Thesis.
  • Available in Practical Theology, Christian Leadership, Christian Ministry and Christian Counseling & Systematic Theology.
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Certificate Graduates


Program Graduates


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