Frequently Asked Questions

HBC is independent & Interdenominational College. Owned by many different Evangelical Churchs and Ministries.

All of our Certificates, Diploma & Degrees are accredited by Federation of Bible Education Relevance & Quality.

If you wants to become voluntary staff you can join us by calling +251919741700.

Voluntary stafff can get free schoolarship of diploma or degreee programs.

The tuition cost of the distance program is based on course payment.

Course Materials of Distance Learning are፦

1. Well developed Module

2. Assignments

3. Explanation Audio and/or Video

4. Quiz

5. Final Exam

Yes, HBC does offer scholarships, which are primarily based on need. We have a scholarship designated for Full time ministers.

You can do your program part-time or full-time. Our degree takes time, because of our strong curriculum. For students who are working, we try to offer night classes, but you may need to adjust your schedule. You get out of a degree what you put into it.

Degree program in theology takes Three years to finsish.

We accept payments through CBE Birr, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Awash Bank, Berhan Bank & Oromia International Bank. Once you make the deposit and confirm your payment, your class enrollment will be active and running within hours.