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Holistic Bible College is a fully accredited non profit Evangelical background Bible College based out of Ethiopia. As Ethiopia online and distance learning pioneer, the college integrates education and service through a network in many countries, including the Ethiopia. Its three main languages of instruction are English, Amharic, and Afaan Oromo. Holistic Bible College compise four departments; Theology, Christian Leadership, Christian Counseling, and Christian Ministry.......

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  • For Diploma - Grade 8 regional and grade 10 national exam grade report.
  • For Degree - Grade 8 regional, grade 10 & 12 national grade report or/ grade 8 regional, grade 10 national and Diploma in any field.
  • For Masters - Degree tempo scan or photo.
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Make Payment
  • For Diploma (Online Class) -250 birr monthly(course) and 100 birr for registration. Total 350 ETB.
  • For Degree(Online Class) -300 birr monthly(course) and 150 birr for registration. Total 450 ETB.
  • For Masters (Online Class) -700 birr monthly(course) and 200 birr for registration. Total 900 ETB.
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Attach Bank Slip

Attach payment confirmation of mobile banking screenshot or a cash deposit using selected telegram of campus. if you don't have telegram account you can attach payment confirmation using whatsapp or E-mail.

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Holistic Bible College


Holistic Bible College offers internet-based education curriculum and materials to any individual who desires a Bible based higher education. HBC provide high-quality Bible education and Training to any individual in the world, regardless of the individual’s economic status, educational status, race, gender, or any other discriminating factor.

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Holistic Bible College

Guiding Strategy

Holistic Bible College (HBC) brings high-quality Christian education by removing barriers of cost and geographical location for those does not have access to higher Bible education.

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Holistic Bible College



  • Free courses.
  • Available in online & distance learning.
  • Have five courses.
  • Available in Amharic and Afaan Oromo languages.
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  • Duration= 2 Years.
  • More than 24 Courses.
  • Available in Theology, Christian Leadership, Ministry Study and Christian Counseling.
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Bachelor Degree

  • Duration= 3 Years.
  • More than 36 Courses.
  • Include Research.
  • Available in Theology, Christian Leadership, Ministry Study and Christian Counseling.
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  • Duration= 2 Years.
  • More than 15 Courses.
  • Include Thesis.
  • Available in Practical Theology, Christian Leadership, Christian Ministry and Christian Counseling & Systematic Theology.
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